Duck Hunt Options

Florida duck guides offers a variety of customizable hunts. Please keep in mind these hunts are not limited to just the state of Florida.

Diver Duck Hunting –

The hunt will begin approximately an hour and a half before daylight. This time will be used to set up and put out your decoy spread. We hunt for 3 hours or until a legal limit of ducks is harvested.

There are four main strategies we use to target diver ducks:

  1. Layout Boat Hunting– this is our most popular set up. This is especially kid friendly with in-your-face-shots. Also, this is awesome for late season veteran ducks that just can’t be fooled by regular spreads.
  2. Bank Blinds– this is our early season setup and works great until the birds start getting smart.
  3. Boat Blinds– this method is used with 16-foot aluminum duck boats with rigged pop-up blinds.
  4. Wader Hunting– Big spreads over grass beds where the ducks have been feeding.

Every week is different and we have to adapt week-by-week depending on how the birds react. We might be able to get away with as little as 4 dozen decoys or have to put out as many as 20 dozen decoys. The most commonly targeted species includes Redheads, Bluebills, and Buffleheads. You may also have a chance at a Scoter.


Mallard Hunting –

You just can’t beat a dry corn or milo field with a group of mallards dumping in on your head. Once you experience this one time, you will be hooked. Layout blinds are the normal protocol on a dry field hunt a majority of the time but we may use a few A-frame blinds depending on the scenario and size of group we are taking out. With a good hide, it isn’t uncommon to have a group of a few hundred or so mallards dancing right above you. These hunts typically take place later in the season and vary from state to state. Call ahead to book.


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