Captain Chris Kirby

Chris Kirby –

Owner and guide, Chris Kirby, first started guiding folks in Arkansas at the age of 18. He was the first to open his own duck guiding outfit in the panhandle of north Florida. His company Florida Duck Guides, was a charter-boat-fisherman’s way to make some extra money and get him through the winter in his off season from fishing. Not only does Chris guide for waterfowl but he guides for fish as well. He also owns Destin Offshore Charters and Destin Inshore Charters. During the Spring and Summer, he is the Captain of his offshore boat called the charter boat Backlash. Now at 36 years old, he has come out of waterfowl guiding retirement to start Black Sheep Waterfowl in Saskatchewan, Canada. With almost two decades of guiding on land and water under his belt, he is dedicated to making your bucket-list waterfowl hunts, reality.

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